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Admin applications / How to become an admin
PsYcHoS Gaming
September 23, 2021, 07:09:23 am *
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Author Topic: Admin applications / How to become an admin  (Read 3756 times)
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« on: December 23, 2008, 12:06:58 pm »

The PsYcHoS community is growing fast, and we are seeking for more admins to help run the community.
We have setup a list of requirements you need to meet before applying for admin. If you think you meet the requirements and want to support us, please fill out an application form below:

1. At least 5.000 kills on PsYcHoS servers;
2. First game on server at least two months ago;
3. You must show some interest in helping running the server. Submitting bans, help report cheaters and so on. That is what admins do;
4. Must be 16 years of age or older and agree to PsYcHoS clan rules;
5. You are not banned or other negative strike-outs;
6. You need 10 posts or more on the forum and to be active on it;
7. Got to confirm that you will act mature, be friendly, considerate and professional and respect others!
8. Be willing to help resolve ALL client issues (such as helping new players, stopping player abuse, etc).

- Participating in the general administration of servers and making suggestions related to the servers;
- Assist with submitting bans, reporting cheaters and so on;
- Resolving all client issues (such as helping new players, stopping player abuse, etc);
- Playing an active role on forum regarding to things mentioned above;

- Prior professional experience in administering servers;
- Familiar with command line interfaces;
- Knowledge of forums;
- Clearly demonstrated passion for ensuring the success of PsYcHoS community;
- Proven verbal and written communications skills;
- Passion for games, knowledge of FPS genre;
- Availability during most of the days of the week.

When you check that you meet requirements (written above) you should create a new thread as instructed and we will include a vote to get some kind of feedback. So if we think applicant will be a good admin we will add him at least as trial, if not we won't. As an admin you will receive special access on the forum, Admin powers, reserved slots on all servers, and admin skins on all gaming servers.
Please use this form while making your application:
In game nickname:
What languages do you speak:
Steam ID:
Why you think we should make you admin:
How many hours a day do you play on our server:
How can we contact you:
Other skills:
We reserve the right to demote, or remove anyone as an admin at any moment with or without reason.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can i find my steam ID?
A: Follow the instructions located in this thread: http://www.psychos-gaming.na.rs/forum/index.php?topic=952.0

Q: I don't get it how to I apply?!
A: Go to the 'Becoming admin' forum and click 'New Topic' for the subject put 'Your_name Admin application' and them copy the application form and fill it in.

Q: When do you guys reply?!
A: Most of the time you will get reply in a matter of hours.

Q: How do i know that I've been accepted or declined?
A: We will reply to your post, lock it and rename the Title to [ACCEPTED] or [DECLINED].

Q: What admin level do i get when i am accepted?
A: When you get accepted you will get the New Admin rank in our server, meaning you're getting basic admin rights. You will also get new rank on forum and you will be promoted into admin on our steam user group as well.

Q: When can my admin get removed or can i get demoted?
A: Your admin can be removed or you can be demoted when you abuse your admin rights.

Any spam or discussions about admins will be deleted.
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